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Bling Digital, a SIM Group company, is a post-production technology and services provider specializing in on-set data management, digital dailies, editorial system rentals, and data archiving. Focused on maximizing production efficiency, Bling has pioneered the most coveted digital workflows, introduced highly portable equipment services and customized processes that have been deployed for most of the major studios worldwide. The company continues to engineer new ideas that allow our clients to work confidently with the latest camera technologies available through SIM Digital.

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Dailies Services

At the dawn of film a century ago, dailies services were essential. Labs took cans of film negative each day (hence the name) and turned them into the pictures filmmakers needed to see in order to edit and showcase their work. Now a hundred years later, the art and science of motion pictures has been distilled and democratized in a lot of great ways. With the ......

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LUT Automation

Automating LUT Workflows

From a VFX review standpoint. When we were doing VFX reviews for Warcraft, we would typically get around 20-30 shots with about 5-10 minutes notice that the Producers were going to walk into the room for the review. These shots would come in as LogC DPX frames. We then needed to drop these into a timeline and ensure the original dailies color was re-applied. Trying to look to see what LUT went with what shot, referencing some database would have never worked. However by using CDL’s, this process was automated. .....

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360 Cameras and You!

Last month while gearing up for our latest pilot, the DP approached us with the idea of shooting 360-degree footage. When I think of 360-degree footage, my thoughts instantly go to “Virtual Reality” (VR), where a user puts on a headset and becomes completely immersed in a prerecorded world. I had never personally heard of a show shooting 360 ....

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