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Bling Digital, a SIM Group company, is a post-production technology and services provider specializing in on-set data management, digital dailies, editorial system rentals, and data archiving. Focused on maximizing production efficiency, Bling has pioneered the most coveted digital workflows, introduced highly portable equipment services and customized processes that have been deployed for most of the major studios worldwide. The company continues to engineer new ideas that allow our clients to work confidently with the latest camera technologies available through SIM Digital.

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360 Cameras and You!

Last month while gearing up for our latest pilot, the DP approached us with the idea of shooting 360-degree footage. When I think of 360-degree footage, my thoughts instantly go to “Virtual Reality” (VR), where a user puts on a headset and becomes completely immersed in a prerecorded world. I had never personally heard of a show shooting 360 ....

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SMPTE 2016 Overview

If you’ve never been to SMPTE’s Annual Technology Conference, I’ll lay the scene down for you. It takes place in central Hollywood, perched above the most touristy parts of the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theater ......

Read More November 28, 2016