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Welcome to the Bling Blog!


By: Jesse Korosi, Director of Workflow

So it seems you have found your way to our “Bling Blog”!  A place where information flows, ideas are shared and new technology trends are discussed.

My name is Jesse Korosi and I am the Director of our workflow division at Bling Digital. For those who are not familiar with our company, we are part of the Sim Group. Sim Group is a company comprised of several services ranging from grip and lighting, camera rentals, video assist, 24frame playback, data management rentals, DIT gear, dailies, offline creative editing, offline editing system rentals, conform, final color and online. Yep, certainly a mouthful, but all of these different services within the Sim Group are very much intertwined as we have truly integrated each of these offerings and how they flow together. This allows for some kick ass R&D opportunities that we will surely want to talk about within this blog!

Within the Bling division we have a team of “Workflow Supervisors” and “Workflow Producers.” These are our key people who drive workflow innovation within our company and it’s time for them to have the opportunity to share their knowledge!

This is where our blog comes in! Our plan is to try to keep this blog populated with entries that will inform you about:

  • Industry movement on hardware/software technology
  • On and off set workflow positions and how they fit today’s industry needs
  • Thoughts and theories on any and all things workflow
  • Traveling jobs and how you service them
  • Discussions on where our industry is headed  

With approximately 30 scripted episodic TV shows running simultaneously at any given time, multiple commercial units a day, feature film work and, of course, plenty of Red Bull consumption, there should be plenty for us to blog about! So keep a watch on our site, as we will continue to populate this thing from here on out.