LTO Tape Archiving

Safe guard your most valuable digital projects.

Since no film negative or master tape is captured on modern "file-based" productions, Bling Digital can help safeguard your production by creating a "digital negative" using our LTO archiving services.

With a shelf life of up to 30 years, LTO tapes have long been used in the banking and insurance sectors to safely store important data. As the most economical and reliable storage format, LTO tape has become an industry standard in commercial production. It has also been adopted by the film and television production industry as a preferred way to archive their most valuable creative projects.

By transferring your master footage, editorial or other important projects from harddrive to LTO tape , you're ensuring that your project's integrity is maintained over time and available to you well into the future. Our staff will deal directly with your adagency and/or studio storage personnel to ensure the safe delivery of your valuable masters.